What Is Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement – Can I Increase Penis Size This Way?

There are some good ways for penis enlargement , and paralytically  increase in girth. There are several methods, but to achieve the result, some doctors use Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement with a special Russian gel.

Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement

In general, using some popular words, it’s like applying a type of silicone with a syringe around the penis to thicken the penis, which makes it thicker. Everything is done in a very simple and fast. First, apply a local anesthetic into his penis.

Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement – what is the procedure?

Then the doctor inserts a micro (almost like a syringe) to apply the gel, which is of a different material from the popular silicone. Then hang a weight of 300 grams in your glans (penis head) for a week to keep the product evenly and thus the size of the penis is enduring.

But this is not as advantageous as that over time, the disintegration of the gel occurs naturally and becomes part of the body.

Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement – is it really worth the money, is it safe?

Therefore, although there is no risk of any type of rejection is not a method that works to enlarge the penis and to thicken the penis of an affective way. So for bigger and better results invite you to delve into the unique natural penis enlargement exercises that will be the practice and give good results for the thickening of the penis.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement.

engrosar el pene The results in penis enhancement do not occur immediately and are difficult to durability. It takes patience and hopes to achieve increasing measures in the penis, as it only can increase penis size a few millimeters at a time.

Depending on the width of the penis that you want to achieve, the doctor puts the number of applications required. You can do ten applications and go through this process and worth or not worth the investment. In addition you must spend at least a week in total abstinence from sex.

Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement  – what are the expenses?

Each application of the Russian Gel is very expensive, is an investment, but perhaps I can even say (only for a while) you are completely satisfied with the results in penis enlargement and his girlfriend even more with his new girth.

Before the procedure thicken the penis one of the people had the measurements are 11 inches in diameter and 16 inches long at rest. In erection, the penis was 13 cm thick with 17 cm long. After application, the thickness of the member reaches 16 cm and 18 cm tall at rest!

You can enlarge the penis even more than that with natural exercises for penis , but it depends on your work and put in force for penis enlargement exercises.

I hope that after reading about the Plastic Surgery Penile Enhancement you will make the right choice for you.


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